Our grade 1’s learning to read

Ubuhle Christian School uses a phonetic reading programme called LEAP to teach our Grade 1’s to read. It is part of the Accelerated Christian Educational (ACE) Curriculum. When our forty Grade 1 learners complete their year, they can all read fluently.

Did you know that there are three sounds for the letter A?

  • A for Ape,
  • A for Apple, and
  • A for Armadillo.

In the LEAP programme each sound is linked to an animal and the Grade 1’s learn a song for each sound.

For example the song for “A for Ape” is:
“The aging ape was out of shape because he ate and ate and ate.”
This is the first line the children sing in this video:

Each week a new letter and song are introduced. From the next video you will hear that the children have learnt many sounds including m and t so that they can start reading easy words like “mat”:

The learners learn how to write letters by cutting punching them and then colouring them.


To assist our parents with helping their children practise reading, the Grade 1 parents attend a phonetic reading workshop to ensure that they know how to help their children to sound the letters and read the words:.

Our children sing their alphabet songs every single morning and by July they would be singing almost 30 little songs. We added actions to the songs ensuring it is fun, fun, fun!

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