Zoom meeting – Ubuhle kids/kids in Germany

Our Grade 4 learners were so excited to meet learners in Germany via Zoom. The learners in Germany are having a benefit concert to raise funds for Ubuhle Christian School. Learners introduced themselves and did a dance performance for each other. The learners enjoyed themselves and agreed to stay in contact via email with photos and letters. A big thank you from all of us!

From the zooming classroom in Germany: Hello South Africa – this is Germany !!!! My name is Naomi Keisinger I am 10 years old and was born in South Africa. I attend the 3c of the Franz Vaahsen School, my class teacher is Mr. Mößner Stach. We, the 3c, recently had a very “cool” experience! We didn’t use Zoom a for learning, as in Corona conditions, we digitally “met” with a 4th grade class from Ubuhle Christian School in South Africa. Students from both classes introduced themselves in English. It was especially great to see some of the students from South Africa in traditional dress. Both classes were quite excited to meet each other. Whenever a student introduced himself, there was applause. The students from South Africa told us what they want to be when they grow up and how important school is for them. Since our class is very musical, we danced a class dance in our classroom and the South Africans also danced something for us. The students from South Africa also wanted to hear something in German, then other students introduced themselves in German. At the end we promised each other that we would send each other photos and letters. We would like to meet more often via Zoom and learn more about South Africa!