2021 – Q1 Collection of Reports

In these challenging COVID times, reports are collected outside on the soccer field.                 A whirlwind carried away our Grade 5B reports and dropped them 100m away on the other side of the provincial road. What a story to tell 10 years from now.  

New School Bus

We are thankful that we were able to secure a much-needed school bus to transport our farm learners on a daily basis. The bus will also be used for school events and off-site staff training transport. Thank you to our sponsors and friends.

Summary of Infrastructure Needs

We have written several blogs about our needs which can be read individually as we will continuously update those blogs with the progress. Our infrastructure requirements are the following: Grade 5 LSEN(Learners with Special Educational Needs) Classroom R250,000.00 Subdivision of the school land  R500,000.00 Building of School Hall R500,00.00 Gymnastics Structure R80,000.00 Development of Sports …

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